Chemo has started

Drug 1 of 2 is hung, we should be done with the hard stuff for the first cycle between 9 and 10 tonight! As for going home the doctors are not agreeing, the critical care doctors are thinking about another 7-10 days whereas oncology is saying if we get flu/fever under control and nothing else pops up we could potentially come home in 3-4 days. Oncology owns his care as soon as we get back to normal floor. We will see how he reacts to these drugs. Hair loss should actually start soon too which I am way more bummed out about than I thought I would be, I think because it will be a constant reminder that he has cancer to me, and to anyone that sees him. Basically, it should all be gone a week from today, I so love Con’s hair.

We are staying in the picu for at least another night as we wait for an isolation room to open up on the main floor.

Poppy came today and cuddled with Connor and he is now napping in his crib (first time in 3 days) thanks to the giggle belly recommendation, he was mesmerized by that on his iPad!



3 thoughts on “Chemo has started

  1. So glad Con (& hopefully mom) are getting some sleep. I don’t know what things were like for you, but it took them so long to get hair that it is hard for us to think about cutting it. So I get that and even more so the constant reminder. Con is so resilient as are you that I hope soon it won’t be the first thing you see. It can be intense with so many good brains around the table, so I hope it only enhances the quality of his care. Hugs to all of you.

  2. I check in daily to see how all of you are doing, especially Conner of course. He is never far from my thoughts and prayers. He will kick this in its butt and come back 100x stronger. Hang in there and give Conner our love!

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