Chemo is done!!!

So round 1 is basically done, we have a push of vincristine a week from today (that is the one done by syringe and requiring no prep fluids) but the hardcore inpatient stuff is done, now we pray it works. Con is already nuetrophenic, meaning his counts are really low and he is getting close to needing a transfusion (Casey’s blood is ready to go), and with the flu, persistent low grade fever and rash Dr. Gardner has weighed in and thinks it is safe to say the earliest we will leave is late next week. We then should get a few days home before checking in for cycle number 2. The reason this stay is so long is we missed our day or two at home and are going straight into the rehospitalization portion because the flu and shock set us back 2 days. The good news is by the time we leave Con’s counts should be recovered and we likely won’t have to worry about another rehospitalization before we start cycle number 2. We have also learned a lot this cycle so hopefully the second cycle can be smoother.

Right after Connor finished his etopiphosphate today he perked up and started acting super silly for the first time since Monday, he even gave his nurses a smile. He also are some Cheerios and pretzels!


It was so great to finally see his smile again! He is now sleeping in our “single” back on the regular floor. This is where we will stay roommate free until we leave!


4 thoughts on “Chemo is done!!!

  1. LOVE that smile! You all have learned more than you probably know & it will undoubtedly help you next round. Yah for the single. You all may have some thoughts for next round about how beneficial a single room was.

  2. Erin, What a beautiful smile he has! So glad you shared it with those of us that can’t be there. So he went through round 1 (with all its bumps) with the help of his Mom and his family. YES! DONE! I want you to know that I think about you all often and I have a good feeling about this…that the Chemo will do its job and that Connor will be alright. And I will hold on to those thoughts. I’m so sorry to hear that going home has been delayed, but glad to hear he will have his own room. Hang in there, you’re a WONDERFUL MOM!!!

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