Prepping for chemo

So besides a spike in his fever and the rash being rather persistent, Con is clinically stable. We stayed in the PICU again last night which allowed both me and Con to get a few stretches a sleep, there is peace of mind when u have one on one nursing and the nurse sits right outside of your bed with a constant eye on his vitals. It is also quiet because we are in a large room but because of the flu there are only 2 of us in it on opposite ends so it feels like we are all by ourselves. To me, which would be the opposite of most parents life is better in the PICU (probably because of my experience in NICU), the sounds, urgency, alarms, wires and monitors do not bother me, but rather reassure me and take a heavy burden off of me. Since he is clinically stable they increased his fluids to pre chemo levels and we are waiting to talk to oncologists to see if today is a go. We also may be moving back to normal floor, just depends if they can get an isolation room over there.


One thought on “Prepping for chemo

  1. Thinking of you all, especially you and Connor, and hoping things get turned around and you can get back on track. Sending love, hugs and prayers always!

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