So I see signs that lead me to believe we are turning a corner, hope I am right. Today Con’s food of choice was rice (which he needed to feed himself grain by grain), followed up by a few sips of water (right from the bottle like a big boy) then a bunch of yogurt bites, which I think stung his sores by the faces he made, but he took 5 of them! After this he was exhausted took a nap in his crib, then on me, but just kicked me out of the recliner so he could sit in the chair alone! Tonight, since it is day 15, he will get his push of vincristine which is the final drug of this cycle. Doing the white cell dance because apparently our little boy and his smile will come back once they do.







2 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Rice with butter & salt has been a go-to food for me since I can remember when I’m not feeling well. Hope he is rounding that corner!

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