Blood Counts

Slight increase which basically means he is stable, they think the flu is preventing them from coming up. They think it may come up over the next few days and possibly send us home mid next week, cycle 2 is delayed a bit, they want us to go home and for Connor to get stronger so they can harvest his stem cells prior to next cycle for transplant later. I am home for a night and day off, to spend time with Claire, she is run down and sick, actually wheezing, so please pray for her too, her BPD is coming out in full force and she is getting her inhaler 3 times a day, we can not handle another hospitalization, crazy the micropreemie complications decide to surface now for the first time. Con had a great day of snuggling with me, Grammy and Casey, his words are coming back (great sign), he even gave me a smile, bye bye and blew me a kiss when I left. Hair is coming out in full force, sides are basically bald and they are having to change his bed pretty often for this so he is not too itchy, thankful for a wonderful husband who is saddened by this, but strong enough to be there for him while this happens and see the bigger picture.




3 thoughts on “Blood Counts

  1. I am also thankful for your great family and amazing husband to step in when you need it most. It will do you well to have 24 hours out of the hospital and with Claire. Makes sense that the flu could limit the white cells count jumping back up, but hope it rebounds soon. Sending prayers to all four of you.

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