Really can’t make this up

On my night off I am in the ER with Claire. Breathing became very labored to point she was in distress. Called ped she listened over phone said with everything going on I hate to do this to you but get her to ER. Got here met with triage nurse who let us cut the line and we were sprinted back without there even being a bed, they saw is in hallway, then moved us into a room. They tested for RSV and flu, the front of her lungs do not sound good. They suctioned her and gave two breathing treatments and while she is still breathing at a rapid rate she sounds 100 percent better. We also got X-rays taken of her lungs which was on my to do list anyway, since she has vent damage we need to see how they change and hopefully repair themselves as she grows. The situation here seems to be under control, but so much for catching up on sleep tonight, and now we just pray whatever she has I don’t catch so I can take care of Con. Aunt Meggy was the hero again and accompanied us.






2 thoughts on “Really can’t make this up

  1. Oh poor Claire Bear & Mom. I know that was not how either of you wanted to spend your day together. Grateful for good people in the ER getting you all in & cared for. Hugs and prayers that the germs stay far from you.

  2. Erin, feel so very bad for you. To say you are on overload is putting it mildly. Saying prayers and sending hugs and love.

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