He’s back!!!

Just like in the NICU, my sweet baby boy knows how to make it all better for mommy. I am not going to lie I had a rough weekend, I am so upset by all of it, the fact that life is going on around us and ours is still, the fact that we were just supposed to finally get out of isolation after 2 years and are now back in it, the fact that I am in the process of canceling our first real family vacation and C and C’s first plane ride, the fact that cancer has taken everything from us, even the simple things like sharing the same roof. Then I came here and my sweet little boy decided to turn back into himself, as the afternoon went on he got better and better. He pointed to things, told me what he wanted, walked around the room, played with all his toys. I realized one of the things I was most upset about this weekend was I no longer had my baby, I had not really seen a smile in 10 days, today he gave me almost 100, he made it all better.

Counts are up to .8, they have been doubling the last three days, if that continues as well as his personality change there really is a possibility we could get out of here this week.

Claire is also on the mend she is getting round the clock breathing treatments every 2-3 hours and steroids and as of tonight doing much better. They really wanted her to check in for an all inclusive hospital stay, but lucky for us, our ped made herself very available to us this weekend and advocated for us to treat her 24 hours from home, for fiesty Claire bear that meant a much faster recovery. She will be into the pulminologist this week so we can get this under control and confirm it does not happen again!

Con playing peekaboo with grandma:



This eating thing is exhausting!




5 thoughts on “He’s back!!!

  1. It brings tears to my eyes to know that Connor was able to give you those gifts today. Very very special gifts to a very very special mommy. Hang in there Erin. Good times will be coming. Unfortunately not as quickly s everyone hopes…….but they ARE coming. God Bless!!!!!

  2. So happy you have your little boy back and that Claire is on the mend. We are all praying that you get some amazing time together at home this week to regroup. Keep the faith – your family is amazing and will have so many wonderful times together in the future.

  3. Erin – I don’t even know what to say – you absolutely amaze me. Your family is gorgeous and your children are the luckiest kids on the planet – I honestly don’t think anyone could be a better advocate than you or Casey. I am glad you feel the love and support of your family and friends – there are so many people thinking about you and praying for you every day. Stay strong and thank you for sharing such intimate details of your life with all of us. Love to you all.

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