So today was a rough day, it was good for Claire we got her home and she is not terrified I am going to abandon her which she was at aunt Meg’s, she actually went into the bath without a fight. Connor had a rougher day, he just is traumatized taking any and all outdoor suggestions for making a 20 month old so happy that they forget about their worries. We thought about the zoo, but are thinking that may be too much and that running around the tennis courts at bedwell with Claire will be more what he is looking for, we will see. I emailed with his Dr. And she is willing to consider an earlier start date, I am hoping Wed. We go to clinc Tues to confirm once and for all he is free of the flu and if his eating and mental state are good we can start with cycle number 2.

As for Claire she is spunky and sassy as always and I took her to pulminologist today after the scare last week, it is likely asthma which is very common in 25 weekers, but her lungs look great compared to her lSt X-ray and like they repaired themselves so that is great news.

Con eating his first real meal, spaghetti from my aunt Sally and Uncle Tommy, he even used his words and screamed “more”!



Claire getting into trouble waiting for the pulmonologist.




3 thoughts on “Today

  1. Glad to see everyone is together and at home for now . Hopefully the weather will cooperate tomorrow and you can all get outside for some fresh air. Prayers and good thoughts coming your way.

  2. Hi sweetie, how was your day today? How did Connor and Claire do at home together? I know it’ hectic and the kids are a bit off but I’m sure it must have been wonderful for the 4 of you to be home together, like you said, under the SAME roof, I know you’ve been anxious all these weeks to just be home together, the simple things. I hope it was a good night and today was a good day. Were you able to get out with the kids today, I thought you mentioned something about the park, I know you guys wanted to get out with the kids and enjoy the gorgeous weather and fresh air. It was really nice today, very windy, but still great to be outside after weeks of being cooped up and after so many weeks of awful weather and a LONG winter.
    I hope today brought some laughter and smiles and happier moments along with the sunshine.
    Glad to hear the great news about Claire’s visit and that her lungs have improved and look so much better after last week, that is a huge relief I’m sure. Sounds like she has bounced back quickly and is doing her normal thing, she is such a cutie, love the picture! ☺

    So it sounds like on Tuesday you’ll get an update on Connor’s condition, regarding the flu, and then perhaps starting cycle #2 as early as Wednesday. One good thing is it does sound like his appetite is doing well and he is slowly but surely is regaining some desire to eat, little at a time, this and that, but I agree with your thoughts completely, calories are calories and the goal is keep him eating, get him fed, whatever he’s willing to eat is what he shall receive, right? Goal is to keep up his strength and sometimes the best ways to do that are dense, high-caloric foods, regardless of what is an optimal choice. I noticed you mentioned he was drinking the Earth’s best smoothies or shakes, which are good for him, – does he like to drink yogurt juices (made with yogurt, not sugary like juice). It’s a simple staple, but the Danimals yogurt juices, tons of flavors and are good source of protein and calcium, Michael loves them, not sure if the kids like them, but something good to have on hand. Also, do you guys buy the fruit squeezey pouches? I’m sure you do….the good thing with those is hidden vitamins and nutrition, some are yogurt based, others are fruit and veggie, but I guess the kids love them, and you can throw them in your bag and they don’t need to be refrigerated. (maybe those are the earth’s best one’s you mentioned)…..anyway, just trying to think of different options that might also be fun for him to try. Does he like to drink the Horizon flavored milks that come in the little portable “milk box” (like juices but with milk) and the straw, there are chocolate , vanilla and strawberry…..good way to get the calcium in him….

    Well – I would love to connect with you, I know it’s hard and your time is limited and the last thing you want to do is talk, so I get it, just wanted to hear what was going on with the latest update.
    Also, I am going to sign up on the “meal-train” website, I just have to figure out a weekend to make something special for you guys and cook and bring it up to Megan’s or Allyson’s house (I think Casey’s sisters house is much closer), but since this all has been going on Joe and I have been saying we should have food ordered and delivered to your house for you guys, but I know you and Casey have been all over the map since this started. Anyway, if you are going to be home a few more days I thought It would be good timing to do that for one of your dinners if you’re all going to be home (if this isn’t good timing then maybe the next time you come home, but I will still plan to do the meal-train meal as well). I was trying to look up restaurants in Bernardsville but obviously don’t know which are your favs. If you have a place you like I can place an order for you guys to be delivered, Sunday/Monday/Tuesday if you want to tell me where and what, (that way you don’t have to be bothered with anything), otherwise I can also give you my card number, but I was trying to save you the steps and the hassle. Or you can just tell me what restaurant, and I can make some “educated guesses” and order for you.

    Okay – anyway I’m rambling about the food, sorry – just trying to think of ways I can help since we don’t live so close by, and Joe’s been suggesting that all along, so you just let me know.

    I hope today was a happy day for the Crooks family. We are thinking of you and love you all dearly. Keep me posted if you can, we are here for you.
    Love B

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