My New Boss

So Con is officially the boss, he actually went into his crib around 10 and stayed there till 5, but with a much needed diaper change at 5 he was up and needed to be in my arms, where he has been ever since. The diaper changes are one of the more frustrating parts of Chemo, basically there is hardly any research money spent on children’s cancer (my hypothesis is because it is rare, they can’t vote, and they can’t donate) and as a result they put them on adult drugs (even though Con’s cancer is something an adult never could or would get since it is from embryonal cells) at different doses and then flush them with crazy amounts of fluid and vitamins in an attempt to protect all their organs, this means we have to double up the diapers and change him every 2-3 hours and basically give him a semi-bath each time because chemo is in high concentration in urine and him having a diaper and sitting in it is a problem in the first place because it could soak into his skin, again shows why adult drugs aren’t great for 2 year olds. So I have been doing this on that cycle and at 5 he decided that was it, he was up. The good news is Con tolerated the methotrexate well, we were ahead if him this time and he did not get sick. We premedicated with pepsid, zofran, and atarax, then when he started wrenching atavan and it worked. We are almost out of the woods for this side effect, knock on wood. He is also proactively getting is mouth swished with these pop looking sponges twice a day to hopefully lesson the sores that kept us here so long last time. For the next two days we just watch the methotrexate come out of his system and should be starting some more hard core drugs by Sunday if nothing goes wrong. Casey is coming to stay for the weekend so I can see Claire and then settle in for the long haul.



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