The Mail

So every time I go home the first thing I have to do is sort through the mail, it is quite a task when there is more than one day of mail. Our mail has obviously increased over the last 6 weeks considering Connor has been hospitalized for over 30 days (approaching 40), the insurance company needs to send us an explanation of benefits for almost every needle prick, often denying them and I make my pile for our case worker to see if we are responsible or the hospital needs to resubmit. Anyways there are often good things in the mail too, just last week a fellow micro preemie mom sent me an Alex and ani bracelet that says “it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon” which brought happy tears to my eyes, this was a slogan I heard and she heard on our NICU journey ( hers much tougher than mine) and I often use in my life because I am a pretty intense person (I will never forget my first boss saying this), I have run marathons both in real life and metaphorically through the twins NICU journey and that was what I needed last week, to be reminded marathons often end well and although the training never feels good, the reward is great. I also got a package from a friend since first grade with painted rocks, one said “hope”, while a small gesture it reminded me life works in funny ways sometimes, you see in my NICU journey my mom found a rock at her shore house that said patience and she gave it to me, I am not a patient person but that is what I needed on that journey, and I carried it with me to and from the hospital everyday, I now carry this hope rock everyday because it is exactly what we need. For these friends and acts of kindness I am eternally grateful. Today when I got home I opened the packages in the right order, one was a matching bathing suit set for the twins I had ordered back in December for our first family vacation (at the time I wanted to maximize cute matching pictures of the twins), this almost made me tear up because that vacation has been cancelled and I am not sure Connor will be in a bathing suit all summer, but it was quickly replaced by another act of kindness. You see I started looking for hats on ETSY for Connor when he lost his hair, and explained the situation to many of the shops, and even though I was 100 percent willing to pay, some just sent me the hats, this one is super special and if you ever need a hat for a newborn or toddler this one of many shops you should consider, supporting a young cancer patient in addition to having super cute stuff! I will be posting more of Con’s hats as we go, he is just starting to get used to wearing them!




4 thoughts on “The Mail

  1. OMG I am in love with the hat. Hoping it brings you smiles and lots of HOPE!!!!! Still continuing with many many prayers. Here’s to a bright future a-head!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. I just wanted to say I love you and Connor. I’ve lost a bit of my faith through this similar but yet very different walk. Hold onto the good as it does restore the faith which gives you the strength to take one additional step further each day. This walk is certainly a journey not a destination but you are remarkable and have found so much strength you never knew you had. C&C will hear this story one day and be just as proud if their mama as I am of you.

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