Rash is back

So the rash is back, but very spotty, waiting to talk to some doctors but probably won’t have answers until tomorrow. Chemo was on hold before the rash popped back because they were trying to avoid the rash by giving him an extra 12 hours for the methotrexate to clear and an extra dose of vitamins. The vitamins are now on hold and he just has the night off. Con is the energizer bunny refuses to nap, but finally fell asleep in my arms around 5 and is actually napping in crib now, I am now debating when to get him up for dinner so we can both get a tiny bit of sleep tonight. Today overall was a hard day for me, Sunday’s are the worst, I have to leave Claire and the drive to the hospital is so hard, knowing there is no end in sight.


3 thoughts on “Rash is back

  1. I’m sure it must be exhausting, to leave one to be with another. Know that you are doing the right thing…and that Connor will get well!

  2. Sundays sound really hard. From what I’m told that’s how marathons are — a few miles in you know the end isn’t in sight. But you’ve had NICU “training” & dozens of people cheering you on. I don’t know what I would do about dinner and sleep. If he hasn’t been sleeping well at night maybe let him keep sleeping?!? But he could rest better with a full tummy. Hope morning brings some answers & plan for how to proceed (or that the rash is gone!!).

  3. I am so Sundays are so hard. I can’t even imagine. Don’t loose sight of you are doing the best you can and how amazing you are. I hope the rash is gone today. Sending prayers, hugs and lots of love.

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