Cried it out

After 2.5 hours I did not care who I pissed off and let him cry it out, the “mama’s” broke my heart but I kept reminding him I was here, he self soothed and fell asleep in about 15-20 minutes so that will be what I will continue to do, that is what I would do if he did not have cancer and he was sleeping great before we knew he had cancer. It sounds like he will move to Q8 or even Q12 overnight on vitals as long as he stays without a fever. I also spoke with another child psychologist and the team will come back with recommendations. Connor is also getting a doll where he can access the port himself as well as a custom designed blood pressure cuff just for him to hopefully help. Everyone is stepping up, hopefully something helps him!


3 thoughts on “Cried it out

  1. Connor is very lucky to have such a strong mom who is fighting for what is best for him. I’m sure it doesn’t seem it every step of the way, but you are doing an awesome job Erin!

  2. The mamas are so very hard to hear, and I imagine it’s even harder for you as you try to do anything & everything to make him content & happy. Only people who don’t have kids (or who need a stern reminder) would be pissed about crying for 15-20 minutes. I’m glad you found the strength to do it.
    When I first read the title my heart sank because I thought you were referring to yourself. So great to hear about vitals checks and that you have a psychologist who can push for the exact same medical care to be more developmentally appropriate. Developmental care is a huge national push so hope you can ride that wave to better teamwork for Connor. ❤️ Never let anyone tell you you could be doing more. Prayers & hugs.

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