Still Zero

White cells are still zero, so it is looking like we could be here for a while again. My back is cramping from last night, Connor needed to sleep in the middle of the chair (which is only made for one person) and hug me on his terms, he also wanted the pillow till he didn’t then same with the blanket. Casey is bringing an aerobed to try tonight since we are in isolation. I am anxiously waiting for reinforcements so I can go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, I can not leave him as both his red cells and platelets are so low and when I leave him he bangs his head against the side of the crib causing bruises. The blood for his transfusion just got here which should help and he will also get platelets this afternoon. He has been fever free since last night and nothing is growing in any of the panels yet, so hopefully the fever is just from “within” because his counts are so low, they will continue to monitor it for growth for another 36 hours. He is also on a broad spectrum anti-biotic that we thought he might be allergic too because of the rash last time but he tolerated it well which is great news because this one cares for most infections with the least amount of side effects.


2 thoughts on “Still Zero

  1. Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength. Just hug Connor and hold him so he knows how much he is loved and wanted and cared for. Erin, you are doing an amazing job. When one day is too much, go hour by hour. When one hour is too much, go minute by minute. I know you have a long road ahead of you, but you have so many people pulling for you. Connor is never out of my thoughts and prayers.

  2. OH Erin……….I don’t know what to say to ease your pain, except you are a wonderful and amazing mom. Connor can feel that and that is what he needs right now, his mom to fight for him, be there, hug him and protect him. Your friend Michele said it all, break the day down to hour by hour if you can. All of you especially Connor are in our prayers and I have my whole MD team praying for all of you too. We love you all!

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