Counts unchanged

In my rage (I prefer to call it passion) I forgot to update, counts are unchanged, we have to show an upward trend to punch our ticket home. If there is a huge jump small chance for tomorrow, but unlikely.

One good thing, we had two successful blood pressures today (Connor is scared silly over blood pressure) we figured out he needs to be doing a fine motor puzzle vs me singing, dancing, using the iPad or trying to distract him in some other silly way, will try it again and see if Hurd times the charm.


3 thoughts on “Counts unchanged

  1. Don’t blame him about having his blood pressure taken, I don’t like it either, Connor. The most positive thoughts and prayers going your way for tomorrow.

  2. Last time counts rebounded rapidly when they went up so maybe tomorrow will be the day. Both our kids are scared of blood pressure cuffs especially Jamison. The sound of the machine and the squeezing really terrifies him. Does he do well with headphones on? Could play music while doing a fine motor activity. E & J just started figuring out how to thread those old school cardboard figures with holes around the outside. They do like 3 holes then carry it around, but that could maybe be enough time to get a reading. Maybe even threading fruit loops onto a shoe lace could be fun. Would he like that fishing game that is a pond that rotates making the fish open & close their mouth as you try to catch one on a pole (or finger if you’re my kids). Good luck!!

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