Without the official report

The tumor is stable to slightly better, and looks less bright on MRI, meaning it could be dying. Our oncologist is talking to our surgeons as we speak in hopes of a second look surgery / blockbuster surgery towards the end of next week to hopefully get Con cancer free, but more importantly find out what the chemo is doing to the tumor, I.e. Hopefully killing it. His spine is still clear and no other tumors on the brain, the margins appear better and his csf seems to be flowing better. We are awaiting the official report comparison from radiology, but she thinks slightly better and I agree because the tumor is so much less bright, brightness shows how alive the tumor is and the blood supply’s. Oh and an added bonus we are going home as soon as we can get a dose of 24 hour antibiotic by IV and back to clinic on Friday for a transfusion and count check.


10 thoughts on “Without the official report

  1. Great unofficial report. And such sweet words: Home sweet home! I know that does everyone’s mind, body and soul good to get home together so I’m always so happy to hear that.

  2. Prayers being answered, thank God! You are such a strong & loving family & you deserve good news! Prayers will continue til you have sweet Connor back home & this is all behind you!❤️😍💙😘

  3. YEAH CONNOR!!! This brings such a lift to my heart. Thank you Erin for posting these for us. You are all loved…

  4. Fantastic News. We just did a little ‘happy feet’ dance here at work. We’ve got some people with ‘moves’! Go CONNOR go!

  5. Best update yet. WAY TO GO CONNOR!!! Keep fighting little man, and show that stupid tumor that it messed with the wrong kid! Stay strong Crooks family…prayers are being answered!!!

  6. I am so glad to hear that you are getting some positive news. We are all thinking of you guys! Glad Connor is home now. Hopefully I will see you at Jimmy’s birthday!

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