So we had our best day yet at clinic. Con has returned to himself and everyone is smitten with him (it helps that he is by far the youngest person at clinic, there are babies once and a while but he is the only 2ish toddler), they love is “all dones” each time someone touched him followed by his “yeahs” and “claps” when they are really done. They love his innocence and the way he can play peekaboo with everyone, and giggles at everyone and everything. He had a great day, and as people chased us out the door to say good bye a fellow mother (of a teenager) turned to me and said wow he certainly is the most popular kid I have ever seen here. I thought to myself, I guess that is what happens when a 2 year old who has overcome so much gets diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive cancer, as his cousin Ellie said he did nothing wrong and doesn’t deserve this, I think this is how the doctors feel, and frankly I think they take it personally and are pissed that cancer is trying to rob this sweet innocent boy of his life. Instead I just said to her, “he is popular here because he spends most of his time at the hospital, we are not popular there because I complain a lot!” I then said the residents drive me crazy and she reassured me as only a cancer mom could (and another one already did) that they always get overruled and that my job is to be his advocate.

His counts were great and no transfusion was needed, he for all intensive purposes is a normal kid this weekend, but we are taking no risks. While Claire, Casey and I attend Jimmy’s first birthday, Connor will hang with Grammy and Poppy. They are planning a special visit to the pet store to get the twins some blub blubs (Grammy and Poppy got C and C their very own heated fish tank after last hospital stay and the twins are obsessed with their three fish, just need two more to fill it up!).

The plan for next week is stem cell retrieval early in the week followed by surgery hopefully later in the week, the onc and nuerosurgeon are playing some phone tag but it is looking like a long hospital is ahead for both our anniversary and Mother’s Day, but we will see. I need to talk to our surgeon before I get ahead of myself because I am dreaming of a cancer free con as an anniversary and Mother’s Day present, but he has not weighed in and we do not know if that is even possible for this surgery or if he will even want to do surgery before another round of chemo. Hope to provide an update Monday.


2 thoughts on “Clinic

  1. I wouldn’t want to know someone who wasn’t swayed by the claps, all dones and bye-byes of an adorable 2-year old. I’m sure it is great to be known, but you’d rather be a stranger. Enjoy the normalcy of home. Love it. And I will be praying for your Mother’s Day gifts. ❤️

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