Second Retrieval Just Started

So the plan is we need enough stem cells for three transplants, yesterday we recovered enough for one. After a very rough night (we had to change rooms at 3 am due to an emergency and our new roommate did not have an adult with her so the solution was to blast Disney channel on the TV all night) Con had to not eat or drink all day. He started getting his relaxation medication at 2 and the retrieval started at 4. Luckily two older boys in the playroom, my dad, and Elmo helped us pass the time. In other news NYU’s tumor board met this am and from the little I can tell, they have reached consensus, surgery not chemo should happen next. I am meeting with their Nuerosurgeon tomorrow at 11, to get his thoughts, then Casey and I have a pretty big decision to make. We love our current surgeon, but this is the other highly recommended name we got, in addition we think our oncologist knows Connor, his cancer and his response the best so are uneasy about making any decision that is not what she recommends. Will update tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Second Retrieval Just Started

  1. A whole new scenario yet another crazy rough night! Aghhhh!!!
    I will keep praying the retrieval goes well. I don’t have any sage advice for the next steps. Can only offer that when planning minor surgeries and procedures for the kids it always helped me to ask: what would you so if this was your son/grandson? It seems to remind everyone that we all have dear ones we love and want safe.

  2. I swear you guys have more roommate horror stories than most kids have after college! Here’s to a smooth retrieval and a good nights sleep for everyone!

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