In that order, well not so sure about dada/mama or mama/dada as they happened pretty simultaneously, but I will give it to Casey. His words are back, he is moving everything. Actually thrashing in pain to the point where I am not strong enough to hold him, these are all great signs, it means nuerologically he is doing great. They are now working on the right pain management cocktail which does not impact him nuerologically (we are a bit limited with the amount of morphine he can get etc.) hopefully get us through the night. He successfully completed his test of clear fluid chugging down 8 ounces of water (the bottle really soothes him) so will be moving to milk soon.



10 thoughts on “Dada/mama/elmo/baba

  1. Wow! Congratulations! Our prayers are working. My whole spin class pedaled all our energy into good surgery results. And it worked. Sounds like surgery was a definite success. But we’ll still be praying for him until Connor has kicked cancer. Way to go, Connor!

  2. Hi Erin, This all sounds great!!!! Went right to this last entry, (too anguish) so I hope I am not talking out of turn. Will now read all your other posts for today…Thank you for keeping us all posted. Hugs all around.

  3. Oh Erin & Casey. What beautiful words I hear. Likely hearing mama/dada today was even more meaningful than the very first time he said it to you. You have been through the gauntlet more than parents should. I will keep praying for your strength & the team to find that cocktail, as it is heart wrenching to see your child in pain. Makes me so very happy that he is SO physically and congnitively kicking butt!!! Hours after brain surgery!! Amazing and strong boy you have. ❤️

  4. You go little man…we all knew you had it in you! Positive thoughts, love and energy will continue to follow Connor as he works towards continuing to kick this to the curb. Love, support and strength are here for all of you…his AMAZING family!

  5. Amazing is an understatement! I’ve been hanging on to every word you typed. I thought about Connor all day and I’m so glad that you both heard the great news that you were hoping to hear. Go Connor Go!!

  6. Best words ever! Connor is the most inspiring little boy. So unbelievably happy for you all that the surgery went as planned. Fight SuperCon, you are amazing!!!

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