Getting closed Up

We just spoke to doctor should see Connor within the hour. Surgery went exactly as planned, he got between 90 and 98 percent of remaining tumor meaning 1-5 percent is left of original tumor. This will be confirmed on his MRI tomorrow. Success with his protocol is anything less than 15 percent after surgery. The doctor saw the facial nerve and avoided it, he also said all the monitors for brain stem function were steady throughout so the hope is Connor comes out of this with no deficits. Hoping our sweet baby boy is back to doing what he loves, running around with Claire and his cousins in no time. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers we really appreciate the support and believe in our hearts it helps!

Some photos from yesterday!








5 thoughts on “Getting closed Up

  1. That’s such great news that it went as planned & they got so much. A few prayers answered. Will keep at it until you are by his side in recovery & then until he’s handing out smiles and snuggles.

  2. What awesome news! I can’t help but be amazed at the talents of your doctors. It sounds like your research payed off. GO CONNOR!!!!!!

  3. Looking at that first picture, I see a young man in his twenties pitching for the Yankees!! See that look, his telling the catcher… comes my fastball! Here’s to a fast recovery from surgery. Much love to the entire Crooks Family!

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