Just saw him

God bless amazing doctors who break the rules, the anesthesiologist snuck me to see him before she wheeled him into PICU (because they are crazy with their reports and it will be a half hour before we can officially see him so she did not want me to have to wait) and let me give him a kiss. He looks great and was very feisty, actually ripped his bandage off his head as soon as he heard my voice, that’s our boy. He is also extubated!!! The tears in my eyes for the first time in a long time are of relief and happiness!


7 thoughts on “Just saw him

  1. Bless her for the smallest change that meant the world to you. Tears over here too — or that first kiss hello & that’s he’s still as feisty as ever. ❤️

  2. So glad to hear the great news! Always thinking and praying for Connor and all of you. Thanks for sharing the pictures from yesterday.

  3. Great News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tears here for sure. Always thinking of all of you and continuing to send prayers to all.
    Love you!

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