No masses

We just finished, both Connor and I almost threw up, me from nerves, him from being so worked up for having someone else do something to him, no masses were found in any of the organs.

Now for the potential plan. One of the main reasons for the surgery was to determine the best plan, I don’t think anyone or at least I did not think we would get it all (the nurse practitioner confirmed this morning that we did get it all, but can’t say we got it all because of microscopic cells), so that has now given us options.

Option 1 is the current plan and at this point the most unlikely. It is one more cycle of induction chemo (same chemo we have been doing) followed by three cycles of consolidation chemo with stem cell rescue (really long hospital stays, at least 30 days each with 1-3 days off between cycles). After completion we would then discuss radiation. The reason this one is the least likely is because our doctor is not sure what that last cycle of induction will buy us.

Option 2 is 6 weeks of radiation (in most likely Boston, second choice CHOP) followed by the same three consolidation cycles with stem cell rescue.

Option 3 is the reverse of option 2, three consolidation cycles followed by 6 weeks of radiation.

I can’t tell but think our oncologist was leaning towards option 2 because she said she would get Boston on the phone today to discuss with them. Tumor board meets on Wednesday and she is going to call us late afternoon to let us know what their consensus is, on which option is best, at this point we have decided to defer to them as we chose them for a reason and I 100 percent think they are all in this to save Connor’s life. The reason this was not decided yesterday at tumor board is that they now have the whole tumor to analyze, they are creating lots of slides and looking at it from many angles to see what treatments will be most effective.


5 thoughts on “No masses

  1. Whew. Glad you all did it while you were there. I’m constantly grateful to hear about the review board and team all constantly discussing & collaborating. There is much to decide, but it is a good place to be at to have options.

  2. Great news!! Praying for a beautiful weekend where you and your family can be together and recover from this week, celebrating the blessings. I know you all still have quite the road ahead but one day at a time 😉 You are so strong and amazing… Connor is lucky to have such an amazing, loving support system & medical team; just as you are lucky to have such a smart, adorable, sweet yet tough little man 🙂

    Thinking of you all every day – always in my prayers!

  3. Prayers and positive thoughts are continuing to be sent your way. Hope you get to be home this weekend!!!!!!!

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