Up and Downs continue

So this morning Connor was alert and is doing great, a bit cranky from the decadron, but less than 48 hours post op he is up, eating and drinking. We thought we saw a tracking issue with his left eye, pointed it out to our surgeon he said because it is the left eye it is just from swelling since they operated next to that nerve and should correct itself in a couple days. He is also going home tomorrow (hope I did not just jinx us)!

We also had a long discussion with our oncologist on next steps, which I will post about later today. But based on quick pathology it looks like the rest of the tumor is looking like a rhabdomyosarcoma as well, and since it is so rare to present in the brain we are going down shortly for an ultrasound to confirm it is not anywhere else. She said she is almost positive it is not but never a wants to second guess herself or say I wish I just did this so is bringing him down shortly. I feel like a hog, but can we please get your prayers and positive thoughts one more time. Our doctor is the attending inpatient this week so we should know shortly after the ultrasound.


2 thoughts on “Up and Downs continue

  1. You cannot be a prayer hog and you are not! So go worry about something else. šŸ™‚ I will be praying that the body scan is clear and that home is just around the corner!! Still feeling so blessed with how well surgery and recovery has gone for Connor. Such a strong boy he is!

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