What Connor says after I find him under his fort, tonight he said it, over and over, he is slowly coming back!


We weened the steroid to twice a day today and as a reward got an interest in toys, some smiles and silliness. On Tuesday we ween it to once a day.

Tomorrow we start therapy, with the woman who caught this whole thing. Connor can do everything but walk at this point but is getting more confidence every hour and is cruising from furniture to furniture. This is to be expected, and temporary, when they operate in the cerebellum which controls your balance you lose your sense of space so he just needs to readjust. He is actually better than last time, and taking a few unassisted steps but loses his balance in a way u can’t predict, I expect by the end of the week with a few therapy sessions under our belt we should be able to not provide him so much support.


One thought on “Again

  1. This is a ridicously cute scene!!! I can only imagine the place you all have in your heart for his therapist. We talk each day with amazement about how much Con can do so shortly after BRAIN surgery. I know even low dose steroids for respiratory illnesses and such can totally change kids so can only imagine. So glad tapering is happening already. Keep up the great work!!

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