The plan

So it seems everyone still can’t get over how good Connor’s scan looked, there is nothing visible, but the surgeon assured everyone he knows there were some cells left behind near the brainstem. It also seems like there is consensus that radiation is the next step for Connor, however coordinating that takes another 4-5 weeks. All the doctors and we agree that given there were cells left behind, we can not wait that long and do nothing. As a result the preliminary plan is another round of induction chemo (this is the 5 drug inpatient cocktail we have been doing) starting June 2nd. Then radiation in Boston for 6 weeks. Con would need to have his counts recovered to start radiation so the earliest would be June 23rd (although his counts have never recovered in 21 days) with the most likely start date being June 30th if they agree to do it on a holiday week, if not the following week. We have none of the logistics worked out for Boston yet, but the hope is we can get into the apartments across the street for pediatric cancer patients and that Claire can accompany Connor and I. I am also gently encouraging my wonderful sister to come with her son, and Casey will come for two weeks in the middle and every weekend. Boston will be completely out patient so we are trying to think of this as a six week vacation up there, so please let me know of any and all fun things to do with toddlers as we will most likely have afternoons free. We are also looking for weekend recommendations since we are off on weekends, we love Ogunquit, but I am sure there are many other places we don’t even know about. After radiation we will come back for a second stem cell retrieval followed by the three high dose chemo rounds and three transplants (looking at three 30 day plus hospital stays). While it sucks we have to do this last induction cycle, we are fine with it, these drugs were working on a very large tumor, imagine what they could do to some leftover cells. The goal is cure and doing nothing for the next month won’t get us there, hopefully this plan will!


4 thoughts on “The plan

    I went to school up in Boston, pre kids, but some things to do that are fun: Swan boat rides, the amphibious boat tours, science museum, Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, Art Museum, eat a canoli at Mike’s Pastry in Little Italy. You are always in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. So glad to hear the next steps will happen somewhat close to me, so I can offer assistance when needed. There are so many things to do in Boston and the surrounding areas. The BOSTON GARDENS PARK, (Swan Boat RIDE), CHILDREN MUSEUM, CAPE COD, DISCOVERY MUSEUM of ACTON, CAPE COD, just for starters. Will send Megan the “Living Sections” of a few Boston papers for you to glance at for activities. Stay strong.

  3. There is plenty to do in and around Boston. Another suggestion is to take a boat out to one of the Boston Harbor Islands. Or you can take the fast ferry down to P-Town. Red Sox game (if Connor is in to that yet). If he is up for visitors I can bring my 3 yr old in to meet you guys so they can hang out together. Duck boat trip.

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