Gift from God

So that is officially what Connor is, I know he is a good baby / toddler, but he really is the sweetest, he shares, is not a self absorbed 2 year old, plays and is patient with both his sister and baby cousin, loves his mama and dada, and entertains himself. He really just is so sweet, maybe that is why he has cancer maybe he is the only one who could handle it. He was so sweet with everyone this weekend and had a great time at the beach, literally entertained himself for 2 hours. I am so thankful for this weekend, that we got to take Con to the shore, that less than 2 weeks post surgery he was well enough to enjoy it, that the weather was perfect, but most importantly we forgot about cancer!








4 thoughts on “Gift from God

  1. What a gift — your family together – just enjoying the beach forgetting for even a little bit. These are the moments I’ve prayed you all have as often as possible to ‘refuel’ your hearts & souls.

  2. Erin, what a beautiful post. Connor is very special and is a gift from God. I am so thrilled that you got to go to the “shore” this weekend and have a wonderful time. You all deserve this. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures!
    Love you all!

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