Shopping Cart Hog

So after our visit for post op, we had an unexpected visit to clinic and someone got to play in the play room and hog toys for the first time!


This cart is Con’s favorite toy, he sees it and runs to it, we have two carts, but none as nice as this one, and he is obsessed! Post op went great, and to my pleasant surprise stitches are dissolvable! Con is also cleared to swim!!!

The reason we ended up at clinic is Con’s right eye is red, we noticed it last wed, called the oncologist first to make sure we could take to ped and if there were any medicine interactions we should worry about, the answer nothing they could subscribe would be strong enough to interact. We then took him, it was not pink eye, no one was really sure what it is, but out of an abundance of caution knowing he is starting chemo they gave us drops anyway. Well the drops have not done a thing so our surgeon wanted to make sure our oncologist had a look since we were in the city. She took a look, may switch his drops but overall was not concerned. The best part of our visit (heavy sarcasm) after we had been seen by the dr in the playroom, have our coats on and are leaving the tech comes out and insists on vitals (I was thinking are you serious?!). Anyways because I was curious, I agreed to weight only, guess what Connor is a whopping 31 pounds!!! Now part of that is the roids still exiting his system, but a lot of it is real! It gives us some room and less stress on eating going into our next chemo cycle, both our doctor and every nurse we saw loved con’s new cheeks and commented how healthy and happy he looked! Home, Claire and family are the best medicine!


2 thoughts on “Shopping Cart Hog

  1. Glad to hear about the weight gain and that you had a great weekend at the beach. There’s nothing like family and friends to make our life happier.

  2. Totally heavy sacrcasn since you all are there too much, but to a preemie parent and one going through this a good weight check can bring such relief. I cannot believe he is at 31 pounds! Awesome!!! Hope that give you a emotionally and real buffer for his next cycle & you can be a teeny bit less worded about weight and food intake.
    I hope Connor finds some amazing fun and escape in swimming. Just in time for summer he is cleared to jump in!!

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