Should be in Kiawah

So today should be our first full day of our first real family vacation, instead Connor and I packed for the hospital and Claire is packed up to hang with Grandma and Aunt Meg, sucks only mildly describes it. We are still waiting to see if the airlines will reimburse us, luckily we had no problems with anything else. Tomorrow, Connor and I head into another cycle, an unknown of how he will react. We do not know how long we are checking in for, we don’t know what side effects he will have, we don’t even know what the sleeping arrangements will be (it is dangerous for me to expose myself to chemo through urine so not sure how sleeping will work out). Today has been a rough day, one with me on edge in anticipation of watching my son have poison put in his body, today sucked, tomorrow will be worse because I say goodbye to Claire for a week and hello to devil drug methotrexate. Please let this all work, and be worth it as the NICU was and please, please let my kids be young enough to forget it all.


2 thoughts on “Should be in Kiawah

  1. Cruel timing. I wish so very much you were packed for the beach not the hospital. Today you can’t push back the reality since you won’t be at home together, but back to the grind of kicking Cancer’s butt. I truly believe that with you and Casey by their side what ever fragments they remember you can handle. Kids are SO resilient like mind-bogglingly resilient. Prayers for you all.

  2. You are right, not being in Kiawah just sucks and it is so unfair that Connor and you all have to go through this! Connor is such a fighter he will get through this. I can’t even imagine how hard it is for you to be separated from Claire. You and Casey are doing an amazing job, they are surrounded by so much love by the extended family and kids are resilient. Sending love and continued prayers your way.

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