Very Rough Night

The chemo finished around 9:30 and we gave Connor atavan both pre and post chemo to once and for all halt the throwing up with the methotrexate, well that worked, Atavan is supposed to put you to sleep, but in 10 percent of young children it has the opposite effect, of course Connor is in the 10 percent, he does nothing normal! Just hoping that means he is on the cure sides of the odds too! So Con was up to 12:55 last night, and not just up, jumping around! He then finally fell asleep for me to have to change his diaper at 1:45 and 4:15 since we have to do it every 2.5 hours around the clock so the chemo does not irritate his skin on the way out. So rough night is an understatement! He did take a two hour nap cuddling with me, and would have napped longer, but given he was laying on me the pesky diaper change rule was even more important for my safety so I had to wake him for a diaper change. Overall though everyone is thrilled with Con, his weight gain, the skills he has regained post surgery and overall how he is acting. We are lucky because our doctor is the attending this week so lots of opportunity to see her and ask her questions. Today’s questions included how and why does an embryonal tumor come back or spread, the answer was complicated based on cell layer and a bunch of other science mumbo jumbo, let me sum it up, nobody really knows how or why, but if it comes back it comes back soon and if it doesn’t come back within a year we can start to breathe a sigh of relief. Overall she and I are extremely optimistic as know one can get over the surgery and how Connor walked away from it better! I just really hope and pray this is all the answer for Con and a year from now we are enjoying a blissful normal life.

Other than that, it makes me feel good to know Claire is on island time at my parents shore house having the time of her life, even going to the boardwalk for pizza tonight, knowing she is doing fun things makes it so much easier to leave her although I miss her so much it hurts! Some pics of a Claire since she is going to have a complex since she does not get enough press!






And here is a picture if Claire’s gourmet breakfast because my mom overdoes everything in a good way!



2 thoughts on “Very Rough Night

  1. Such a mixed post. Story of your life these days! I pray and hope a year from now you can just insert you, Connor & Casey into those pictures. That Connor will be laying with you in a beach chair with your feet in the sand instead of a uncomfortable hospital chair with hard gray floor. That he will again be eating everything not just chocolate bunnies. šŸ™‚ That he keeps defying the odds in the best of ways. Huge hugs for a rough night.

  2. Erin I am sorry you and Connor had such a rough night. Hopefully tonight will be better. You are an amazing mom with all you do for Connor and your positive attitude. Connor is an amazing little boy. He is fighting hard and he will kick this cancer! I love the pictures of Claire…….thanks for sharing. She is so precious! Lots of prayers coming your way.

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