Possibly Home Tomorrow

Now a resident said this so take it with a grain of salt, but I like the possibility. If he does come home there are a few loose ends, blood counts, a transfusion he will need and a ct scan boston needs, and his day 8 push of vincristine so we will be back early next week. I think Monday is much more likely and hope to be proven wrong. In the mean time we pray to the fever fairy’s to keep a fever away and prevent the inevitable rehospitilization. His final heavy day of chemo should be going in as we speak, etoposide and cisplatin, happy to say goodbye to all these drugs!

Today was mommy and Claire day and we had lots of fun, we found a lemonade stand, pet some animals and are lunch outside! Love my Cbear!!!









One thought on “Possibly Home Tomorrow

  1. I am glad to hear that things are progressing in a possitive way. I will have everyone pray that everything goes well. Send my love to everyone.

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