Kids are resilient at least that is what they say, well if that is true Connor is the king. He had a rough day yesterday not eating too much or talking too much capped off with throwing up (cisplatin causes throwing up for up to 5 days after being administered, yippee) and a brief stint with fevers (two low grade that he recovered from without Tylenol) and this is the picture I woke up to from daddy, Conman trying to fit yogurt into a mouth filled with pancakes.


I am not sure if it is the protective micropreemie mom on me, but I believe nutrition and feeding your brain is so important to beating this, it was all we ever talked about in the NICU, i.e. Get bigger the lungs will start to heal etc. I was sharing this with Dr. G. On Friday and she just said she agrees and really can not get over him. She has never seen a two year old quite like him, not just maintain his weight but actually gain and move up the charts, she said it is really unbelievable, to me it is a sign of how much of a fighter Con is and him telling all of us, don’t worry I’ve got this.

As for home the two fevers even though he corrected them will make the decision a harder one, the fact that he is eating after throwing up though is huge and something he needed to do. If we are going home the plan was I was actually going to take Claire with me to pick him up because the trauma leaving her for a few hours would cause is not worth it, if he is staying I am just going to relieve daddy and Claire will go to Aunt Meg’s, waiting to hear what the docs say.

Off to enjoy my last couple hours of freedom and take Cbear for a walk!


One thought on “Resilience

  1. Good reminder about how quickly things can change. Connor has quite a spread he’s chewing on! So glad he has a weight buffer, and at least got a little food in his belly before getting sick again, because I agree that fuel and growing seem to make differences to everything.

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