Every Superman needs his Supergirl

Con is not feeling great today and while he was pumped to get out of the hospital, he barely cracked a smile, in fact he was post chemo, feeling crummy, counts dropping Con, that was until he saw Claire. He has become more and more obsessed with her as this has gone on. Before this started they had such a special bond, they had literally been together every minute of every day, except for the 9 extra days Claire spent in the NICU. Since he has seen her today he has been himself, is trying so much harder at his walking and trying to keep up, I so wish we could bottle her up and take her to the hospital with us, everyone’s lives would be better. Tonight they have been bouncing around the furniture, dancing, making forts and lastly playing dress up, Aunt Ally dropped off all the girls dress up clothes, and while this picture is blurry, Claire was super girl (which is exactly what all cancer sibs are) and Con had to wear the boots! Gosh I love twins, best friends for life, Con has to get better if not for a million other reasons because his twin needs her best friend and playmate back!



2 thoughts on “Every Superman needs his Supergirl

  1. That’s the one prayer I could really say out loud and over & over again: “Emma has to make it. She’s a twin. A twin needs their twin.” One of the million reasons.
    I wish Claire could be bottled for Con and for you! She is the kryptonite to his Cancer.

  2. I am so glad you are home! What a great picture! Claire is such good medicine for Connor. Your attitude is amazing and I am so proud of all your positive energy. Enjoy having your family together. Go Connor for being such a fighter and go Claire for being such wonderful medicine. Love you all!

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