Planning for Home

So the plan is to discharge today, the bacteria was classified as one that was sensitive to the antibiotic we have been giving him, he will need to continue to get the antibiotic which means I will be taking him home accessed for the first time (this is good practice for Boston since he will be accessed Mon-Fri each week). I have a nurse coming to our house to help with the process as well as our nurse today is going to walk me through it and help with flushing when he gets today’s dose. Right now he is getting a transfusion and his counts are plummeting so a rehospitalization is likely in the next 24-48 hours. I am just hoping it can happen in Morristown vs. the city because it would be so much easier on our family and both Casey and I could see Claire everyday. We then will go back to clinic on Friday for counts and likely platelets, and if we make it through the weekend, again on Monday to reaccessed him (you have to be reaccessed once a week).

Other than that I spoke to Dr. G this am about the fact that Boston is considering using the high end rhabdo doses of radiation vs medullo which could mean 25-28 treatments vs 30. I know Dr. G. Does not agree and we have been so aggressive with his treatments and surgeries so far that I want to make sure we continue down that path. We will let two of the best doctors in the world debate it which will hopefully come up with the best plan for Con.

For now I am just hoping the fever fairies stay away so we can get him home today and that when they do decide to come we can easily check into Morristown!


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