Two Years Ago Today

Was a bittersweet day, exactly 100 days after I gave birth to Connor and Claire, Connor decided it was time to spend a night at home, it was bittersweet because we had to leave Claire behind. At the time I thought we were close to the finish line on what would be the worst chapter in our life, sitting here today I realize it was not even close. I hope and pray our lives can’t get worse than childhood cancer. But through all the bad we have consistently been reminded if good, and that is absolutely what keeps you going. That day we were surprised with welcome home signs from heartworks, the very charity that has helped us in more ways than I could possibly mention this time around. Just last week when I got home to see Claire, there was a basket with gift cards to local restaurants, let me tell you a surprise like this was what we needed and can not wait to go as a family. Today however while bitter because of the cancer is more sweet because Con stayed fever free at clinic and after a marathon day the four of us are under one roof. At clinic we discovered Con’s white cells are once again zero, but he has been the happiest he has ever been with zero counts. His platelets were also dangerously low so he got platelets while we were there. The fever stayed away, I swear I was doing a voodoo dance and we got to come home. We continue his infusions (which Dr. G. said could possibly keep the fever away) and nuepogen through the weekend. We get to return to clinic Monday for vincristine and to officially kiss induction chemo away. For now we are just going to try and keep the four of us together and have a very low key weekend and Father’s Day since Con should not really be outside or around anyone, and tomorrow I am actually going to do something for myself, try a spin class. Spinning was my favorite thing to do pre baby and I have not done it since, but my sister in law told me of a chill studio so we will see how I do!

Con 2 years ago today:


Con today, opening a present at clinic today (they had a host of bday presents for him and Claire and we spread them out among visits, we love NYU):



One thought on “Two Years Ago Today

  1. I know many of us have the same prayer – that this is the worst that will come. You have more defining moments than most parents. Your life is not only define by pre-NICU and post-NICU, but also pre-Cancer and working hard towards post-Cancer. When the four of you can move onto the next chapter it will be it will be oh so sweet.

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