Almost three hours later we are home

Came home to homemade sangria and pizza on the grill, and he picked up our backsplash tile which I love, Casey is the best!

If all goes well we won’t be back to Hassenfeld until after radiation, while it is a royal pain to get to we will miss all the people there, especially Connor’s primary nurse Cammie (as he calls her), she is a true gift from god, and is one of the only peoe I can leave him with, without screaming, and she is the only person throughout this ordeal that does not call me “mom” or Connor’s mommy”, instead she just calls me Erin and it is refreshing, we will both miss her so much, the nurses in Boston have big shoes to fill!!!



Connor and I are trying to figure out what to surprise her with there to let her know we miss her!


One thought on “Almost three hours later we are home

  1. That sounds like a perfect welcome home after a long day! Thank goodness for our other halves.
    I have seen so many things via Etsy that I love. I will look and send some your way. But I KNOW anything from your heart & Connor will mean the world to her.

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