Long Day

It was a really long day, I am reminded how much childhood cancer sucks on days like this. Con was just off, needy, and uncomfortable in his skin, I did not get a smile until dinner. This am we went to the science museum to kill time since Con was NPO, and he refused to do anything, even sit in the stroller, I had to carry all 31 pounds of him everywhere until he fell asleep😢. This was also upsetting for Claire because the museum while a bit over their heads is super interactive, which is perfect for 2 year olds. We only got through three exhibits before Con completely lost it because he woke up and we had to leave, I hope Con can get to a better place this summer and we can try again because I saw a lot he would love.








After his CT he perked up a bit and by dinner he was feeling better, so much so he insisted on walking through the mall all by himself and saying hi and bye to the cars!




And I not ashamed at all to admit this is how we got through the day keeping Claire occupied, there were no playrooms today and this is a trick I plan to use a lot this summer (it does not work with Con)!



One thought on “Long Day

  1. I’m sorry today was hard. And don’t ever feel ashamed for doing what it takes to get through. As the saying goes: few kids go to college with diapers or pacis. 😉 What you do now doesn’t have to be what you do later or at home or whatever.

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