So good to be home

MRI was about 2 hours late, causing our ride home to be about 6 hours, twins did great, but it confirmed my decision not to travel home on weekends with two 2 year olds! On the ride home I talked to Dr. G., gosh I love her, we went over his counts and how we should have a week off because his platelets have recovered and everything else should follow, but she is just a cell phone call away. Casey took the week off to spend time as a family before we leave, vacation officially starts now!!!

I also really wanted her opinion on the brainstem issue, should we really back down on radiation because of my concerns, the methotrexate he has received and the chemo that is coming? She is going to review with the whole NYU team including their radio oncologists, and get back to us. She and Connor’s nuerosurgeon share the same definition of success, that Con is not only cancer free, but able to leave the nest and be self sufficient, depending on what we do with the brainstem, cure could be possible with long term quality of life issues from late term effects. This right here is why we will miss her so much, she is so accessible, so into saving Connor as a person (I told her everyone was impressed with his walking up there considering where the surgery was in the brain 6 weeks ago and she literally said to me, “why are you surprised, he is a real life superhero”), and always takes the time to think about my questions, but also involves a team of doctors to make sure nothing is missed, gosh we are going to miss her (luckily she is still overseeing all his care and only a phone call away). Speaking of missing, Con sure missed dada, had to sit at the island all by himself with just dada for dinner!



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