So he has an abrasion on the cornea and an infection, he is not feeling the pain because of his last brain surgery that is how it got so bad. This coupled with the fact that he is due his monthly antibiotic injection (getting Monday at the oncology clinic) and that he has not been wearing patches over his eyes during radiation which causes dryness and worsens the problem. So we are on a new regimen of drops 4 times a day and going back Sunday, the good news is mom intuition was right and this was an emergency and because we went today they do think with careful treatment it can be fixed. The other good news is it should not impact his cancer treatment. Hoping this is the answer for us.


3 thoughts on “Fixable

  1. Always trust that intuition especially if it crosses your mind more than once!! Good work mama bear!! Glad you were seen today and treatment is already started to help repair the cornea. So glad you got in sooner!

  2. Great instincts and good luck with the new regime. So glad you seem to have caught it in time and that it won’t affect the treatment. Have a wonderful weekend and hoping you have something fun planned!

  3. Always go with your intuition…glad you were able to bring him in today and some of the stress and worry has been lifted off your shoulders, at least in the case of his eye. Hang in there and hope you get to enjoy some down time with the kids, and hope Megan and Jimmy have arrived safe and sound! xoxo

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