Stable to slightly better

That is what the eye doc said this am. She added some more drops because pressure increased, did say his eyes are tracking together and responding so that is good, we go back tomorrow. She also said their is a good chance that this could scar and he may have some visual impairment long term, but with extremely close followup is for the most part fixable. Tomorrow will be a busy day with radiation in the morning, followed by oncology then driving across town for the eye.

As for the weekend we made the most of it, this situation is far from ideal. We did go out to lunch yesterday to kill time, the twins were in rare form, but generally had fun. We also rearranged the apartment, I am now sleeping on the pullout and we moved the cribs into the bedroom. This allows me access to the TV and kitchen while they are sleeping, knock on wood it seems to be working because both of them are taking their first normal nap right now! Additionally, we left the couch unfolded this am as it gives Connor something larger to pull up on and he has honestly mastered it, swoops himself right up with perfect form, I think PT will be very impressed with him this week. Lastly, we joined a pool for the week (you can join week by week through the hope program for a deep discount) and Con is really warming up to water and had a great time this morning, which is great because we found out there is an even better baby pool we can go to for free through the apartment complex. Other than that Meg and Jimmy arrive this afternoon and sadly Casey is leaving, but first we hope to watch the soccer game while the twins nap, then I have to find somewhere to buy Claire new shoes as she insists on riding in the stroller with shoes off and we lost one Croc yesterday on our way back from lunch!










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