“Baby” was missing. . .

And Claire did not notice for an hour, Con had more fun than he has in months, that sums up how great the Children’s museum was for us! (It was pure chaos for the 2 chaperones though!). Thank you Heartworks for the membership, we will be going many more times! Oh and I did not miss OT, I actually missed that yesterday during the eye drama so nothing to feel guilty about!









On the health front, I feel really good about Con, we met with the Dr. Today and talked a bit about the radiation field and long term impacts, I will update on that later this week when I have more time (or relief from Casey), but overall I feel REALLY GOOD about all the choices we have made and feel like between here and NYU Con has the “a-team” working to save him. The best news though is with the shield on his eye which Con is getting used to I see 100 percent improvement, hoping he keeps it on all night!

On a sadder note a family from our town who started walking this road long before us and selflessly has donated their time and experience to us, while they are still fighting their own battle, just found out that insurance (Anthem) has denied one of the drugs their daughter needs as her last hope, please use socially media with the hashtag #chemoforcam, and check my fb page as I have shared the story there (for some reason I can not get the direct links).


One thought on ““Baby” was missing. . .

  1. Sounds like the Children’s museum was a big success. Hope Con’s tolerance for the eye patch continues. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

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