Connor is leaning

While walking, PT just pointed out, this was his first symptom, please pray this is just him being tired and no progression, or new tumor growth. My stomach sunk when she said it, Casey does not think it is a change, either does Meg, hopefully they are right. It is too the left and while I am scared of new tumors popping up while here, we are radiating the area that would cause him to tilt left, so it does not make 100 % sense, he could just be tired, it could be loss of sight in the right eye causing him to lean, it could be a million things, it just makes my heart sink and shows me even if treatment goes well how rough this road will be and how out of control this all is. I promise to have a better attitude and cherish everyday more than I already do starting now.

On our way back to meet Claire, Meg and Jimmy, we ran into another family whose daughter is inpatient (her older sister is one of Con’s favorite people here) so we went with them to check out the famous playroom and view we keep hearing about on the 17th floor, it was phenomenal and exactly what all hospital playrooms SHOULD be like, it was so great that Meg, Claire and Jimmy met us there. It was nice to spend time with a great family and Con got some music therapy!







2 thoughts on “Connor is leaning

  1. It could be a million things, but we know a handful of those things are really scary. So I 100% get the prospect of a tail spin into “what if…”
    I hope you keep finding ways to cherish each moment, and frankly we could all learn from you as none of us know what is ahead. That said every single person, all of them, that I’ve shared this blog with has asked me: “how does Erin keep smiling & doing it all?” Literally. You have such a great support system that you can get down or out and they can cover & then pull you back up. You are amazing. Casey is amazing. And not surprisingly your two kids Connor & Claire are amazing. You are a remarkable mom.

  2. When I read this Blog, I thought…I wish hospital staff would write their thoughts in their daily log, and let the doctor do the assessing. I’m sorry Erin. Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

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