Great Visit to Children’s Museum

During my conversation with Dr. G. today I discussed with her some of the concerns the doctors up here raised with the hearing loss Con will experience from the combination of the radiation field with the chemo he has already gotten and the chemo to come during such an important time for speech development, which has led me to think speech should be moved up in the pecking order during the 90 day stay. I started going on and on about how I see hospital PT as a waste of time, I had hardly any convincing to do, she said to me, you are right Connor does his own PT. This once again shows how much our doctor has taken the time to get to know Connor, just an hour later at the children’s museum Con showed me he knows how to do stairs by appropriately holding the railing, yesterday in PT we tried to get him to do one step and he refused, he had a bad attitude and sat almost the whole session. I could not believe my eyes today when I saw him do the stairs! I also got to see him walk and run in a large space and assess the leaning better, what I will say is he leans to both sides when he picks up pace (Connor used to only have one speed, running, but since we found his tumor and had surgery it is a very cautious walk, with time out of the hospital he has really started picking up pace to almost a run(, but steady and straight when he walks so in my heart I think he is fine, my heart told me he had the tumor in the first place so hope I am right this time. Anyways the kids had the time of their lives and a special thank you to GiGi (Jimmy’s grandma) who met us there and made this a stress free visit with no tantrums because there was one child per adult so everyone got individual attention! Can’t wait to go back a few times next week with dada!

















4 thoughts on “Great Visit to Children’s Museum

  1. Your mom intuition was right on before and has been tested over the past two years so I would trust it too. Good for you advocating and engaging in what is best for Connor – not just another patient that needs xyz. Climbing out of his crib and doing stairs is way more than he will accomplish with “PT” given his typical 2 year old willful self! It is quite a relief to have man-on-man defense. And not to be overlooked…. I adore Claire’s jumper. Please let me know where I can get one for Emma. If you tell me you sewed it you all will officially be The Incredibles!

    • The jumper is from Gap, nothing special! Thanks so much for putting us in touch with your friend she made us lasagna, and I have never seen Con love something so much!!! Plus it has meat in it which he normally refuses, I am going to have to get her recipe, thanks so much!!!

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