The eye

So we are waiting to see a few more specialists up here, but it seems like while the prose lens is the long term solution it likely will have to come second to chemo. They want me to temporarily sew Connor’s eye partially shut to protect it more while maintaining sight and wear the plastic patch. I talked to Dr. G. today because they wanted me to skip a day of radiation to do the surgery because they can not coordinate it for us to do both under the same anesthesia and he can not go under twice in one day, and I do not want to do that, I want to finish on the 15th and be done not extend it through the weekend. Dr. G. Said she agrees with not skipping a day which would then delay chemo and that she will coordinate the new port and eye surgery for Monday the 25th with stem cell retrieval immediately following and research if the prose fittings can be done while inpatient (guessing unlikely because of the eye being partially sewn shut) gosh I miss being with an efficient hospital (or it could just be that we are with one of the top docs there who pulls a lot of weight) either way I miss it.

Before radiation we went to the gardens to watch the ducks, Con loved it!

We are off to the children’s museum as soon as the “lifesuckers” (coined by Meg) wake up from their nap (the nap has not been longer than an hour for the past week, but since we have plans not a peep has been made for the last two hours).







One thought on “The eye

  1. Erin, I do not know how you do it – you are amazing – taking ownership of Connor’s health, knowing when to step in and take over, and then on top of that doing multiple fun activities in one day which is probably more than most moms of twins can handle with nothing else going on in their lives!

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