The right thing to say

So for the last month or so having Con out in public has been hard (since diagnosis he has not been out in public because of fear of infection and because he basically lived in the hospital), because everyone stares, they try not to, but he is bald, has a huge scar and the eye patch makes it worse. The stares really get to me. So today when we went into whole foods to pick up three items, Meg and I divided and conquered since we had the three small children, but also to avoid the stares. Then something different happened, a guy spotted Connor an aisle away and screamed across, “is your little boy going to be okay” I replied, “I hope so”, he then proceeded to say what’s his name, I replied Connor and he simply said, “I will pray for Connor”. I walked away not offended at all, I actually appreciated the honesty, you see, by staring you are invading our privacy so why not ask, why not offer a prayer. My sister was a few aisles away, but heard the entire encounter, when we met up at checkout I had forgotten about the encounter but she brought it up, I said to her it was refreshing, and honest and I was not the least bit offended, she told me that is exactly how she felt hearing it too. I am not saying this is how every parent would feel but for me getting it out in the open was so much better, oh and by the way I did not feel one more stare that entire visit.


5 thoughts on “The right thing to say

  1. That’s wonderful! It’s amazing how those words can be such a comfort and can take away the negative or scary feelings you can have about things. We are keeping you in our daily prayers as well.

  2. What an amazing story. So heartwarming and very helpful. Next time I see a cancer patient, young or old, I will say and do exactly what this gentleman did. Thank you for always paying it forward and sharing it with everyone.

  3. Erin, you did not say this child’s age but I bet his Mom must have been very proud of him. Somewhere along the line he must have been taught or exposed to children who were hurt. Our classrooms are open to all children and children are the better for it!

  4. I am glad you posted this, because sometimes people don’t know what to say or do, this states it so others can be more sensitive…I read this and cried, because, it must be so hard for for you..

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