8 to Go

So yesterday I was down for the count, think I was/am completely run down from the last 6 months as I was the only one sick, after a good night sleep I felt a lot better this am, and by tomorrow should be 100 percent and hopefully able to go for a run again (running/spinning has been my only “me” time over the last 6 months), whatever it was I think I fought it off. Thank goodness it was while Casey was here, he let me sleep until 8, took Connor for treatment and I just hung with our couch potato Claire. He basically did everything yesterday! He also asked the doctors what would happen if Connor got sick, basically he can continue with radiation so that is good news. If Con needs to catch a cold, now would be the time because we have about three weeks before surgery and 4 before high dose chemo for him to kick the cold, he can not start high dose chemo with a cold, so we need to get it over with if it is going to happen, because this cancer is too aggressive to have any delays.

Other than that we have continued to get an amazing amount of mail and surprises for the twins which has really kept us going, today we got something beyond special, a friend of my moms sent her sons first real guitar (he is my age), Her son has moved on to bigger and better guitars, but wanted to pay it forward by gifting it to Connor, oh and get this, he works for J and J in cancer research, hopefully just hearing about Connor helps him to be a voice so needed in the world of pediatric cancer, since he has a voice that matters, anyway, I digress. Anyways, Casey and I are completely humbled by the generosity of this gift, and are trying to decide the right time to show it to Connor, we want to make sure we have his focus and give it to him at a time when he NEEDS it, because we know how much he will LOVE it, and how it will be able to immediately change his mood, just like the ukelele’s have been doing on a daily basis! Mommy is thinking his upcoming surgery may be best as it will be his first time back to NYU and we are not sure how he will react. Anyways, things like this and the goodness I see surrounding Campbell are the things that keep us going.

In Connor news they and we continue to be amazed at how well he is doing. Date I say it, but I see many glimpses of pre-cancer Con. He is just getting so happy and silly again, a large part of why this has been so heart breaking is that I thought we lost Con on Feb. 18th, as our happy go lucky boy was GONE, the short stays at home just didn’t bring him back, but he has now not been hospitalized for about 7 weeks, and had Claire and me with him every single day, and glimpses of him are shining through, oh and we finally have peach fuzz all over his head!!!! Hair is coming back very blond! And now some pics!!!

Con, Claire and Daddy on the bus, wher Con said his very first sentence “Bye, bye big truck”


Con begging to go back for treatment (this is huge) and when we finally did go back, he lifted up his shirt to “give tubie a drink” (the nurses at NYU are not going to believe this until they see it):



Playing hide and seek while waiting, Con and Daddy found Mommy!



One thought on “8 to Go

  1. 8 to go!! Home stretch. You all seem to be baseball fans — so we will put on our rally caps & cheer even harder. I’m so glad you’re seeing old Con. Remover this when the skies go dark again — the stars will be back — he is so resilient it may just take time & TLC from his favorite people.
    I am in awe of how his development has just kept trucking along at pace (those are sentences Jamison says yet Con is fighting Cancer!!). Unbelievable buddy. Looking forward to seeing more peach fuzz and the return of those blind locks.

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