Notice something missing?


That’s right Con is without his eye patch! Daddy took Con for his eye appointment today (it was looking redder yesterday) and the consensus is the tear has healed, they even pointed out one of Con’s pupils was larger than the other, Daddy let them know that is “baseline” for Con and we know that from hourly nuero checks back in Feb, the reason this is significant is this was the first time they could see his pupil and do an exam! I can still see what looks like a tear, but I am not sure anyone that is not his mom would see what I see, it is just scar tissue and we don’t know if that will ever go away. His eye is also red, these are from blood vessels from the infection, but over time should heal. The doctors are comfortable with him not using the patch during the day as long as he is closely supervised, I am not there yet, it is really obvious that he can not feel anything in the region of the eye, and he still is clumsy with everything going on, I think a tear is very likely again because I can’t be all over him 100 percent of the time, but whenever I have help and Con has one on one supervision he will be without it! It also gives us a nice opportunity to snap some pictures of him with his peach fuzz growing in before he gets really sick again. Cancer has taking my favorite two physical attributes of Con, his hair and his eyes, so happy to see glimpses if having them both back!

We are also full steam ahead on the prose lens and children’s is officially transferring us to Cornell, I really hope we can coordinate the fittings while inpatient, but am not sure how realistic that is.

Crazy, but we only have 6 treatments to go! It hit home because Con’s nurse asked me what I thought Con might like for his graduation next week, Con literally has everything, but Casey and I both have noticed that he has taken a liking to Thomas trains both in the hospital waiting room and at Christopher’s Haven, so I said that since I was on the spot, we will see what she decides, she stops at toys r us on her way home on Fridays for the following weeks graduates, how amazing is that, they do a lot right up here and we will miss them very much as Con has really settled into the routine!


One thought on “Notice something missing?

  1. Unbelievable he has healed enough to not “need” a patch 24-7!!!! After all the NICU time with CPAP caps to nasal cannulas/NG tubes no doubt you have an extra appreciation of his beautiful eyes & head. Glad you get to see them both again.

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