All Done and HOME

I have cried from the moment I got up this morning, while I may not be getting a first day of preschool for Con this year, I don’t think any mother could possibly be prouder. This summer was so hard, but so rewarding to, I got my Connor back (I lost him on feb 18th and was worried I would never see him again, so please don’t take a minute for granted with anyone you love, you never know the moment your world will be turned upside down) through the help of being outpatient, having a routine, his mama and twin with him everyday, and very dedicated nursing and child life. Here are some pics from our amazing day.

Con could not wait to get out and “go back” from the moment we entered:


Congrats to Connor everywhere we looked:




The room, it may look like a space ship, just know it is two stories higher than you can see, the blue color is what Con had super powers to change every time he waved his arm:


Ringing the bell (better video on Facebook, but blog won’t let me post a video):


Con and his amazing nurses!


Home sweet home:



4 thoughts on “All Done and HOME

  1. I can see how those lights changing on that gigantic machine would make him feel like a super boy! I am sure those tears are a dozen different feelings washing over you. Who knows how much time any of us have, but I am eternally grateful that Connor was found after February 18th and each & every memory together you all have had since

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