Are made to be broken, new rooms did not really work out, either have cribs regardless of how many different layouts we have offered, they are asleep now but will freak when they wake up without an adult!



Today we tried to get our feet on the ground, house is a mess since we have all been living out of bags for the last 6 months, but oh well time for organizing later, tomorrow we are beach bound for time with family and fun for the twins. I will commute from there for our appointments this week, we are off until wed, and have tried to guilt our doctors into giving us thurs and fri off, but not sure how that will work out, all depends on how he does (eye, counts, etc., we have appointments scheduled if we need them). Hoping to get a medical post with the nitty gritty of our next super scary step before we check in Monday so be on the lookout, until then hopefully just pictures of the twins loving life, especially since Connor’s mobility is borderline miraculous, best walking / running / climbing he has ever done!


One thought on “Plans

  1. Some of my best parenting decisions have been made on the fly for what my kids tell me won’t work!! Sleeping transitions are ROUGH here so you all are doing well given how many changes they’ve adapted too.
    Can’t wait to see beach pictures of you all. And of Connor running in the sand & surf.
    One more reason I wish I were nearby — I enjoy cleaning and organizing — so I could spend a few days at your house while you were away.

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