When your child is battling cancer, you have three rounds of high dose chemo ahead, have already spent 70 days inpatient, outpatient are the sweetest words you can hear. We were supposed to be inpatient tonight, but being that there is so little I can control in all this, I have decided to battle for things that improve all of our quality of life. As a result, I slyly asked the surgeon last week, if you were not doing stem cell retrieval is this surgery considered out patient, she said yes. Armed with that information, I went to clinic and broached the topic, I said since retrieval is not until Tuesday afternoon is there a reason we can’t be out patient, they said the only reason would be reserving Con a bed (in NYC hospitals beds can be scarce), but said they would check on the “census and get back to me. Friday it got approved! This hope made me take it a step further, given we are doing the retrieval through the broviac is there a reason we need to be inpatient, there are a few, Connor gets anesthesia (nothing as strong as he got today) and the PICU where the retrieval is done due to the anesthesia he gets only has 12 beds (that pesky census problem in NYC hospitals) so we likely had to be inpatient to reserve our spot on line. But today Dr. G. Came out after the spinal and said from her point of view we did not have to stay inpatient, that she would check with everyone who does the logistics to confirm, tonight I got the call, we are approved to do the retrieval as out patient and they reserved RMH for us! Best news is though even though tomorrow will be incredibly long, we do not have to be there until early afternoon Wed and as a result don’t even need RMH and can come home tomorrow night!!!! Coming home was huge for Con today, he acted like himself, so while the war with this monster is long, we won a few battles today. Now I just hope nothing goes wrong tomorrow and we get to come home! Both grandfathers are making this possible, my dad “grandpa” is dropping us off early tomorrow morning, and “Poppy” is picking us up tomorrow night. Wed will hopefully be a shorter day and I can just drive us both ways.

Claire meanwhile is enjoying her time at “Mama Meg’s” and Con loved FaceTime peekaboo with her and Jimmy tonight!






One thought on “Outpatient

  1. Me seeing that smile of Connor’s via FaceTime would make me do a lot. So it is no surprise you find the will and the strength to push/fight/pull for what helps him. Not patient CC, but 2 year old Super Con, with a twin sister at home and tons of grandparents around to help. You have a big goal in mind, get the small victories are just as important to making it to the finish line.

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