The day, The week that never ends – ER Bound

So we are on our way to the ER, dropping Claire off at Mama Meg’s on the way. Con has a fever an this is concerning because of the broviac placed Monday and how much we used it this week. The plan is to get a dose of antibiotic and cultures drawn at Morristown, go home and get into the city by 7:30 tomorrow morning.

As for the stem cells that was kind of a flop too, before today we were only at 5 million of the 8-9 million we need. It was even considered not to attempt today but I convinced them to run a CVC after driving all the way there for 7:30 arrival because I remember last time his highest counts were on the third day and sure enough they were today too. Depending on what we got today and how the MRI looks we may have to do retrieval another couple of days. To do this we have to be off nupogen a week, then need 3-4 days on it before retrieving so that puts us out about 10 days before another retrieval, then his platelets need to recover before we can start chemo so we could be delaying chemo 2 or more weeks, this has me VERY nervous.

In addition to this, Con had trouble with the sedation today, his oxygen and blood pressure got low and did not come out of it like he normally does. He needed a lot of saline solution to maintain his pressure so wet his first set of clothes, then when he woke up ate too much apple sauce and drank too much apple juice and threw up multiple times on his backup set of clothes. As a result he left in a hospital gown! Good things happened to us today too and I will try to post once we are settled at Morristown, I am sure I will be telling off more than one doctor tonight!




One thought on “The day, The week that never ends – ER Bound

  1. Prayers that the ER goes as well as it can. Hate that you have to ready yourself for battle with docs, but so proud of your mama bear mentality with taking care of Con.
    Will also keep prayers for all the things that you need to align so chemo isn’t delayed too much. And of course anxiously await results from the MRI.

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