Sometimes how good people are astounds me, this cancer thing really sucks because it is not a sprint, it is a marathon and much of it can feel very lonely. Anyways, then something happens and you are reminded how good people can be, and hope that you could be so good if the roles were reversed. Today an old high school friend of my sisters who has a 4 year old dropped of loads of his toys that he “grew out” of, there is no possible way he grew out of all these toys, but he knew they were going to a little boy on the hospital. The amount of toys is astounding and my sister organized them into bags so my inlaws can bring a new bag every visit and take the old bag home, my sister was in tears she was just so overwhelmed with the generosity. My words aren’t doing this justice, here are some pics!





Oh and Connor has an ear infection, fever corrected itself without Tylenol, broviac site looks “pristine” but they used it a lot so he got some IV antibiotics and some blood cultures, we are now home trying to get him to sleep, big day tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “The GOOD

  1. So glad you’re home, that you caught his EI & that his site looks pristine!!

    Such kindness. Such a sight to see that many toys bagged up to bring Connor some laughs and smiles in the days & months ahead.

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